Clear is not your average Political Party, Indeed it introduces a revolutionary New breed of Lateral Thinking that far outweighs any/all political systems that have come before.

For Clear is a Registered Co Operative and Incorporated Company, Owned & Governed by the philosophy and moral standards of its Trustee Members; where each member carries One Share and One Vote, no more, no less.

The Companies structure consists of a ‘Board’ of 12 of the finest minds and best informed members within our company whom tender for their positions, are held responsible for their actions, are paid on the merit of their performance and are held liable for any misconduct.

The ‘Board’ are voted in on a yearly basis by the members.


The Platform

Initially Clear is a Political Platform designed to ensure that members can NEVER be misrepresented in any way. It’s Fail Safe is by introducing a secure online monthly voting site, where all members are encouraged but not required to participate in voting either For or Against the Companies Directives and/or the Laws that are being debated upon at Local, State, National and International Levels. Members can opt in or out of voting at will, as often as they choose and also choose on which individual items/issues that they would like to vote for. Members are not required to be enrolled to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission but are required to be either an Australian Citizen or have been residents for over 2 years (a minimum of 10 months per annum) with the intention to remain within Australia.

Only when 75% of the set Quorum vote (Quorum = 94% of voting members) has been achieved can:

– a motion be carried out or

– a vote on a particular law be passed and delivered to parliament.

Therefore if the Company’s Success Relies Heavily upon the wisdom of the vast Majority of its members then,

It’s in the best interest of the company to keep its Members Well Informed. How we achieve this is by educating and informing our members through our own online Forum and News Network. We not only encourage members to network amongst each other, but also encourage Shoptalk and Whistle blowing in the open.


We believe in Educating our Family with the Transparent Truth, as opposed to

“Dumbing down the Masses, according to the Classes,”

who’ve, “Perfected perpetual poverty with perverted poetry!”


While incarcerated within Australia or anywhere in the World, Members only forfeit their membership rights if 75% of the Quorum (“The Majority”) Agree that the violation perpetrated by the member, violates the Law accepted by the members. Regardless upon request by any Member including the violating member,

violating members will not be denied legal, medical and/or moral support within reason as agreed upon by the “The Majority.” We are compassionate and strive to rehabilitate all violators but will not tolerate treason, exploitation of minors or blatant usury. Upon request of any Member “The Majority” may cancel or reinstate the membership of any Member / Non Member.

All our members are not just treated as equal; but as brothers and sisters in a Family Trust. It’s just that our end Goal is to eventually include All the Citizens of this Country, to share in our Creation of Wealth, Protection, Education, Care and Governance.

We believe that 75% of this nation or any nation for that matter will make better decisions for its constituents than a hand full of corruptible people.

Now Clear is an intended World Wide Political Movement or Solution, designed for the betterment, preservation, cohesion and sustainable growth for all mankind. We encourage diversity, but not at the detriment of existing cultures and recognise the needs of the individual to preserve that which is sacred or meaningful to them.

The Ultimate Aim is to Perpetually increase our standard of living while decreasing our environmental footprint, within Individualised Uniform Reason.

To survive one should not have to work! Surely mechanisation can free us of this burden. The right to work or not to work should be a choice made solely by each individual. This choice however can only be available to All; If We All Invest Together. We are worth more than our leaders are alluding to. We are priceless entities with infinite potential of which only now are we starting to realise what our full potential can be once it’s Applied!


Clear is constructed into two (2) parts: 1. A Political Party & 2. A Co Operative Company

  1.  “The CLEAR Party” Is the Political Party platform designed to carry our voice to Parliament/Congress consisting of Over 500 members whom are eligible to vote in this country and are trustee’s within the Company.


  1.  “The CLEAR Party Pty. Ltd.” Is a co operative trust company with as many shares as it has trustees. The entitled trustee’s of this company may consist of any legal citizen of this nation or permanent resident as mentioned above, voting rights however are only issued to trustee’s whom are 18 years and older and may be withdrawn from trustee’s whom are deemed mentally unfit. Trustees are Not Required to Enroll to vote via the Electoral Commission, to be         able to vote within our Company. Trustee’s may also elect to remove themselves from the vote at any time and likewise restore their choice to vote at any time however it must be registered online prior to the commencement of voting.

“The CLEAR Party Pty. Ltd.”(Co Operative) Is both the fund raising arm and controlling body over “The CLEAR Party,” (Political). The 500+ members of the Political arm have no extra privileges over any other trustee within the Co Operative structure. They are purely the token 500+ citizens required to keep our Party legal. All voting trustee’s are in control of the Political Parties Directives.


Why Form a Company?

Well in actual fact the company in a way has already been formed without you knowing. Each person has a pseudo account known as a “Straw Man Account” which is both legal and binding. It is your name written in ALL CAPITOL LETTERS. This is what differentiates a living Person from a Company.

Well for a long time now “The Banksters” or Banking Cabal have divided the Commonwealth of this Nation amongst every Account so as not to allow the Queen of England sole ownership or control over such a vast amount of land and wealth. It was their way of bringing the balance of power back into their grasp. By using the citizens as potential heir cash cows, being milked for our equity without realising.

Australia at last count has a net worth of approximately $150 Trillion. If we were to round off Australia’s population to 25 Million souls and divide the net worth equally this would amount to $6 Million per Man Woman and Child. Therefore if our wealth were to say increase at an average of just 3% per annum, then we could be able to pay ourselves a 1% dividend per person per year without any fear of inflation or loss in the price of our currency.

That’s 1% of $6,000,000

Or $60,000 paid to every Man Woman and Child every year! That’s on top of what we are already receiving as benefits or pension or generating at work or investments.

Yes, provided we just stick to the Status Quo (that is business as usual) and 51% of the Australian Public (according to the current law by referendum) Agree on changing “One Law.”

Instead this Globalist System controlled by some very greedy psychopaths had us focused on ridiculous marriage laws which had nothing to do with compassion but everything to do with Subverting the Law against the Common Good of the Human Species! This is a RED HERRING or FALSE FLAG. Something designed to take your focus off the Real issue at hand.

Their Aim was to change the definition of key fundamental points that were responsible for the family cohesive unit which has existed since time immemorial. By changing the meaning of just one word, opened up a Pandora’s Box of being able to change the definition of Any Word. Thus enabling a tyrannical leadership to subvert the law to suit and protect their own perpetrations against society, at will without any fear of retribution or punishment.

Secondly by attacking and weakening the Family Unit, their Socialist Agenda is to alter the natural support provided by the family unit and convince individuals to be totally dependent on the State minimising personal freedoms to non existence! Thus reinforcing their stronghold over the people through the age old Machiavellian principle of divide and conquer. This is Tyranny and those whom are either knowingly or unknowingly helping to create this system are in actual fact aiding and abetting or colluding to an act of treason against the human race.

Well this goes beyond Treason, for it is part of the Free Masonic Globalised takeover of this world and the planned genocide of over 7 Billion people to be carried out by the year 2030!

Don’t believe me; then check out our links or search for yourself; “Agenda 21” now “Agenda 2030,” and the Georgia Guide Stones. They are hiding behind the world wide campaign of sustainability propaganda to convince the public that we the People are the problem to the environment while doing nothing to curb their own footprints on the environment. They are trying to convince us there is no other way to fix this problem but to eliminate the majority of the population.

I’m sorry to have to have to be the one to tell you this, as you should already know it; but our species unchecked can become a most evil ravenous beast, that if not controlled, will not only destroy itself, but everything else around it.

Deep down, within the core of your understanding of our species, you know there is an element of Truth in what I’m saying, but what you may not believe, is that We Can Stop It!

It . . . this Beast of a system or game that is at play, does not want you to know your potential nor what your worth.

We here at CLEAR are dedicated to not only share our wealth with you but to reveal the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

The KEY to our success is to come together and VOTE the Bastards OUT!

Just Please, Don’t Believe Their LIES. Don’t even take My Word for granted but test everything with the Finest Tooth Comb you can find and not just a magnifying glass, but a Microscope and scrutinise everything to the most minutest detail, for you’ve heard this time and again, “The Devil is in the Detail!”

For You Matter,

You are a fellow Heir to this country and deserve your share,

Your Vote is Crucial to your Future and Ours,

We can change this system by the year 2020,

We can make this Viral and change this world for the better

The Answer to All our problems is CLEAR,



Isn’t This Just Another Form Of Socialism?  Hell No!!!

I know from the periphery this may seem like another form of Marxist socialism; But it’s far from it, in fact it’s the

Complete Reverse, for the Socialist System (SS) is as Diametrically Opposite to the Family Unit (FU) as Black is to White. Previously I spoke about the dangers of Monopoly and how in the end there is only ONE Winner where everyone else die’s. This is represented by the Illuminati Triangle with the Eye of Horus in the middle. You Know the one, on the American $1 Bill. Well the Answer is Simple.


Invert the Triangle where instead of being trod on and exploited by Elitists

We are being Held Up and Supported by our Best and Bravest or

We Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants.

Remember that saying?


Consider a Family Trust. Generally the wisest is appointed Executor yet a vast majority of all family members (generally set at around 75%) must agree on the final outcome. That One Family Member applies their skill to educate and convince their fellow members to make the best decision on their investment, if they don’t then everyone loses. Yet if they persist then everyone gains.

Now I know of many bitter disputes that have happened due to the ignorance of certain individuals within families in the past. But what happens is that:

The larger the group,

The more the support,

The less the headache,

The greater the Financial Gain.

It’s a proven Fact!


The Socialist System is Annihilative if I may say, where as the Family System is most Highly Productive.

They are Opposites.

Yet the next argument to oppose this view comes in the form of pure ignorance and a selfish mindset which is;

“Why should I support those lazy bastards?!” or “Wont a passive income just create an idle society?”

On the contrary, that only happens when we allow or condition ourselves to waste away. Consider how many people at the top end who still work, along with their children. Our species is both a restless and inquisitive one. We bore easily. Take it from me and many a couch potato, with an extra $60k per annum people would be doing stuff.

Just look at those who have enough already, there’s always that little bit more that is desired, a never quenching fire. The only difference is that no one would be homeless nor living in poverty for lack of income or support. No one has to work, but most still will; for we are naturally productive. Those who are successful will make more and maybe go for a trip around the moon. Those who aren’t as successful won’t stress or steal or fight as much for on the dole the average unemployed person would receive $75,000 per annum according to today’s value for dollar.



in general do

not understand basic Math.

The more the people, the greater the passive wealth,

the faster the growth, which is now technologically growing at an EXPONENTIAL RATE!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Seriously Most people cannot fathom this.

They think that, “Well if this is true, then why aren’t we there yet?”

What an absolute moronic and naive society we live in!


It’s because of Greed and Pride; Jealousy and the Love for Power and Control.

Sickness, that’s Freak’n why!

and Deceit

and ignorance

an the opposite to Love, which isn’t Hate but Apathy

In 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 7 Paul describes Love, with Verbs. Doing Words like Patience and Trust.


Well that’s what we need to do.

We Need to turn this country around . . . and then every other country in turn;

into Nation Wide Family Trusts.

Do not be deceived, for WE CAN create that Futuristic Star Trek Utopian type economy, that which we All desire. The Only thing that hinders us is that we need to Believe and Come Together,

Here and Now!

We need to grow up and Very Fast at That!

Otherwise by 2027 we just may not be here anymore.

Our Species is at a Crossroad and we have a Choice where the outcome will either be Very Bright or Extremely Bleak.



In the Introduction I concluded with an Ultimatum, now I shall fully conclude, be Direct, Straight to the Point and

not mince my words. This may sound outlandish, conspiratorial or even mythical but I assure you what I’m about to state you’ve not only heard before but can be verified and proven;

Climate Change is not only caused by manmade Pollutants, Practices and Devices. Yes they do play a small part and can play a very severe part when dealing with Atomics, HAARP and CERN, but the major cause for the erratic weather and increase in temperature is due to the effects of the Sun which cannot be avoided.

In the early 1990’s New Zealand Astronomer Dr Richard Harrington made the discovery of a large Brown Dwarf

mini system which is about to enter the inner part of our Solar System from the South. It is on a highly elliptical

orbit which takes thousands of years between passes. It was recorded by our ancestors but in recent times these recordings of our True History have been suppressed. One only has to scratch at the surface of Institutions such as the Smithsonian in the United States to realise that there is more than just an Element of truth in this accusation.

This is the reason EVERY Planet in our Solar System has increased in temperature over the past 30 years and why the outer planets orbits are inclined to the South.

This has been verified multiple times via different sources over decades. The Globalist Elitists connected to the Freemasonry have been privy to this information and more. They have access to the greatest predictive technology and have agreed to remain silent due to the nature of how they propose to deal with this Event. Freemasonry is a Satanic Cult and their plan is to Sacrifice 93.33% of the world population to their Deity who is known by many names such as Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet and Shiva to name a few. Whether he exists or not is not the issue. The Fact is that They Believe and are going to carry this out Very Soon.

Many Prophecies from multiple cultures also allude to this apocalyptic time, the Bible explains it vividly. The Final Book known as The Revelation of Jesus Christ States that during a three and a half year period, at one stage 1/4 of the worlds’ population will perish, then at a later stage 1/3 of the remaining population will perish.

This will also coincide with a planetary arrival in the skies, a scorching of the sun and worldwide civil war. It states during this period approximately One Billion Gallons of Blood will flow like a river! Furthermore the prophecy states that this time of tribulation will end with a final conflict stretching from Megiddo in the North to the Kidron Valley next to Jerusalem, consisting of 4 major world powers and 200 million army personnel.

We are entering the last stages of not only a Global Battle, but a Galactic and Spiritual Battle as well.

UFO Disclosure has been on the increase over the last century. We don’t need to wait for a president or a false news narrative to tell us what thousands of us have already witnessed and ENCOUNTERED!

Therefore between the Bibles prediction of at least half of the worlds’ population and the Psychotic Deep States intended 93.33% depopulation of Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030, I think it’s PRETTY CLEAR how soon we may have left.

So this is it.

What are you going to do?


Are you going to let them get away with that?!!!

Well I Say, No, NO  &  HELL NO!!!!

I’m Making my stand now!

Do You Understand?!

I don’t care about owning my own house,

who wins the football,

or going on a Holiday to some Fukushima Fallout Radiated Island!




I’m in this for the survival of our Species.

So I’m pleading with you . . . I Beseech you; join us!

Join This “Billion People Movement,” Today.

Don’t wait. Just Come . . . Everyone!



Share this Link NOW and Help us make this Go Viral. It only takes One Day to get around the World and

Help Us take this Beast by the Horns and Send Him back to Hell, where He Belongs!


The WORD is Clear

The Solution is Clear

The Answer to Everyones’ Problem is Clear . . .



Michael Banjanin